Arm YourSelf Against Cervical Cancer: Book for your vaccine now

Cervical Cancer killed more than 16,000 women in Nigeria, in 2014. This is indicative of a rising trend in cervical cancer

specific mortality.Why are the rates low in developed countries? They’ve been able to follow steps to ensure that cervical

cancer is prevented and detected on time by:

1. Conducting regular Cervical Cancer Tests

2. Providing HPV vaccine AKA Cervical Cancer Vaccine to women.

We have decided to launch a Campaign called ARM YOURSELF AGAINST CERVICAL CANCER. Now you can get the vaccine in Lagos,

Abuja, Port Hacourt and Enugu. This will subsequently spread to other cities in the country.

There are two vaccines that protect against HPV; this is the main infective agent that cause cervical cancer.These are the

Cervarix and  Gardasil vaccines. Both are given in three doses over a period of 6months and they cost N30,000 and N45,000

respectively (for all doses). Individuals(including children) 8 years and above can receive the vaccines.Cervarix protects

against HPV strains that cause cervical cancer while Gardasil also protects against other HPV strains which cause anal cancer

and genital warts. Cervarix is indicated for females while both genders can receive the Gardasil vaccine.

To book for the vaccine, you can made transfer or deposit into our account the details are below:

Account Name: Stand Up To Cancer Naija
Account Number: 1771171044
Bank Name:Skye Bank Plc

Once you’ve made the payment, send a text to the Stand Up To Cancer hotline: 08092179343 indicating
1.The amount paid
2.The name(s) of person(s) paid for
3.The city you are located in
 After confirmation of your transfer or deposit we will text you the time, day and location where the vaccine will be given.

Please note that we only give the vaccines on saturdays. We will follow up with text messages, reminding you of your

appointment dates. Once you have received the vaccine, a beautiful “I’m armed against cervical cancer” handband will be provided to you.

This indicates that you have receive the vaccine and is a reminder for subsequent screening.

If you have any other questions, send an email to [email protected] or call 08092179343.

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