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Laughing at cancer: Humour, empowerment, solidarity and coping online

Abstract In the context of cancer, humour and joking can still be seen as socially unacceptable. Yet people with cancer can find relief in making light of their often life-threatening situations. How and why they do this has received little systematic attention to date. This paper begins to address this

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All About Lymphedema

Lymphedema facts Lymphedema is a condition that results from impaired flow of the lymphatic system. Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling in one or more extremities. The swelling may range from mild to severe and disfiguring. Primary lymphedema is present at birth; secondary lymphedema develops as a result of damage to

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Human Guinea Pig: Cupping for Lymphedema-Bonnie Annis

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and I have no training in physical therapy. Please check with your doctor before considering this treatment.   Cupping has been in the news a lot lately. With the Olympics in full swing, Michael Phelps and several other athletes recently brought cupping into

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