Laughing at cancer: Humour, empowerment, solidarity and coping online

Abstract In the context of cancer, humour and joking can still be seen as socially unacceptable. Yet people with cancer can find relief in making light of their often life-threatening situations. How and why they do this has received little systematic attention to date. This paper begins to address this

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Protect yourself against this silent killer

“This is a disease you should not die of.”  Said Dr. Fri Mofor-Eta of cervical cancer. Mofor-Eta is a OB/GYN practicing at Pleasant Valley Hospital. Women’s heath issues are her primary focus, and with January being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, she recently addressed the disease. Getting regular pap smears and

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Lifestyle fuelling breast cancer in Nigeria

In recent times, the word ‘cancer’ has become popular amongst Nigerians. While late presentation of patients at advanced stages of breast cancer is becoming a common trend in Nigeria, global statistics reveal that rising global incidence of breast cancer is occurring at a faster rate in populations of developing nations,

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