Men get breast cancer, too

Cecil Herrin and Andy Bodie are speaking out about breast cancer….in men!!

Cecil ask doctors to look at his lump in December of 2011, ” I knew that there was something not right with my body. You know your body, I know my body. I knew that that was an object that shouldn’t be next to my breast.”
At 60 years old Andy was diagnosed in May of 2014. The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 2-thousand men get breast cancer each year.

Bodie, “I didn’t know a man could have breast cancer and I got scared , I aint gonna lie. it’s a scarey feeling.”

Known factors that increase the risk of male breast cancer are, getting older, obesity, chronic liver disorders and heavy alcohol use. neither man has a family history of the disease.

Bodie, “I had no chemo no radiation, I got very lucky we caught it early, they went in they took it they took two lympnodes out they tested them and everything come back great.”

Both men had a sore spot on their chest, both men were told it was nothing to worry about…..but both listened to their bodies, because they “just” felt something was wrong.
Cecil,  “and as of that moment I knew what cecil was suppose to do to be a spokes person, to spread the word, about men having breast cancer.”

Portrait of Happy Family In Park
A truck driver for more than 35 years, Bodie is now on a mission to spread the word to those who make their living on 18-wheelers.

Cecil is connected to trucking in a very different way. His image is on the side of an ‘Augusta Ready Mix Truck’.
Bodie, “it’s out there, they need to know this. you’d be surprised, the men that don’t even know this. I’ve talked to truck drivers just in general conversation and they never heard of a man having breast cancer.
Their message ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ especially during University Hospitals Miracle Mile Walk.
The event raises money to help those who can’t afford exams or treatment.

Bodie, “so to me if you have a knot don’t just go get an x-ray, you need to go to someone with experience with cancer is and make sure its not a cyst or whatever.”
Both Cecil and Andy are lending their faces, their voices and now their stories, to spread the message of breast cancer awareness and the need for men to get checked.

To get more information about breast cancer in men CLICK HERE

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